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Come and discover this hidden paradise.  Cedar Park Rainforest Resort is adjacent to the huge Barron Gorge National Park system and the World Heritage Wet Tropics, an ecological wonder.  Here is home to many species of birds, mammals, macropods, monotremes, reptiles, insects, trees and other flora.  You can either watch and identify it relaxingly from our deck or get out there in the forest, creek and fields.  Although we are not experts in the academic sense, we love to talk about what there is to see and how best to see it.

When you come to stay with us be sure to come equipped with closed toed walking shoes, long trousers, bug repellent, sun lotion, umbrella, water bottle and of course, your camera.

We have over 114 species of birds recorded (and are still counting), and there are over 250 species in the region.  The Wet Tropics in Queensland is well known for its diversity in wildlife, flora and fauna.  Enjoy exciting birding and tropical rainforest, bush walks or go for a swim in the cool, refreshing mountain streams and pools.

Check our latest Bird List of what has been seen around the Resort.

Did you know?

36% of Australia’s mammals can be found in the wet tropics
49% of the birds
23% of the reptiles
28% of the frogs
62% of the butterflies

Private Birding Tours:

Close-up Birding Adventure Tours
Far North Queensland bird watching tours ranging from day trips to 11-day adventures

Rainforest Wildlife Spotlighting Tours

With an impressive success rate, we take our guests to the Atherton Tablelands to observe animals, such as the elusive platypus and tree kangaroo, in their natural habitat.

You will find availability and the guaranteed lowest room rate by booking directly. Rooms include continental breakfast, free wifi, welcome snacks, port wine, fresh coffee & tea.  Take advantage of our price drop on two or more nights.

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Take advantage of our price drop on two or more nights.